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 Where is everyone ???????????

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Where is everyone ??????????? Empty
PostSubject: Where is everyone ???????????   Where is everyone ??????????? EmptyMon 22 Nov 2010, 7:27 pm

G'day folks.
Pretty quiet here.
Where y'all at?

Old Predis sold his boat last weekend.
Old Predis stopped working in October.
Old Predis is going in the hospital for an Angiogram on Friday.

Now if I have 3 things to report, then all of the rest of you should have something..............
Come on guys. Let's get juicy here. It's only the beginning of winter and it's already boring!

Predis, out !!
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Where is everyone ??????????? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Where is everyone ???????????   Where is everyone ??????????? EmptyFri 26 Nov 2010, 1:30 am

Pretty quiet all right ... Rolling Eyes

How are you mister Predis ? It's been a while...Crying or Very sad

Sorry to hear for your job and boat Where is everyone ??????????? 24389 . Now, it's time to relax Predis,
finally some "me time" for you ! Where is everyone ??????????? 777509
Are you saying that your doctor is finally doing something for your condition ? Where is everyone ??????????? 554150
How's Eleonor ? And the baby ?

For my part, I've been really busy at the SAQ, doing overtime
and still doing some contracts for my small business. Just finished one contract tonight and
starting another one tomorrow. Can't wait for some time off during the holidays rendeer

The search for the house is still intense. I visited quite a few but you know how it is;
found the perfect one, cute, clean, reasonably priced, until I got to the yard
and noticed some cracks on the foundation. All corners were spliting like crazy.
The next one was just like I wanted; a lot of cachet, quiet neighborhood,
until the results from all tests came back...my luck : infected with radon gas.
So, I guess the 2 next ones should have a pyrite or iron ochr problem...then I'll be okay !!!

I haven't been at camp for 3-4 weeks now. I might go once more before Xmas, depends on
my schedule, the weather and my mood.

Have to go now to do all reports for my business. Where is everyone ??????????? 242448
Take care of you Predis and say hi to Trinidad for me please Where is everyone ??????????? 674628 Where is everyone ??????????? 691414
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Where is everyone ??????????? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Where is everyone ???????????   Where is everyone ??????????? EmptyWed 01 Dec 2010, 3:35 pm

Yaaaawn........... Sleep Sorry, just woke up from hibernating! Was hoping to continue till at least April until Predis woke me up.
Where is everyone ??????????? 693538
Not much going on with us. Getting ready to do some Christmas shopping...... is it that time again????

Also looking forward to the week off between Christmas and New Year!

Hopefully the winter will fly by and we'll see everyone at High Fall's again soon.

In the meantime, we'll enjoy our fire by the fireplace!

Take care all!

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Where is everyone ??????????? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Where is everyone ???????????   Where is everyone ??????????? Empty

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Where is everyone ???????????
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